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XLC 310/410-ND-H PN 16

Pressure reducing hydraulic valve with two set points

The CSA model XLC 310/410-ND-H is a globe pattern hydraulically operated automatic control valve that reduces and stabilizes the downstream pressure to two pre-set and adjustable values, regardless of variation in demands and upstream pressure conditions, usually corresponding to night and day regulation. The valve switches from one pressure to the other according to the flow rate, within an adjustable range.
Photo of the pressure management valve hydraulic XLC 410-ND-H
Product features
• Body and cover in ductile cast iron GJS 450-10.
• Internals in ductile cast iron GJS 450-10 and stainless steel.
• Position indicator in stainless steel.
• Circuitry in stainless steel.
• Unit flow regulator device in stainless steel.
• Seat in stainless steel.
• Painting with fluidized bed technology RAL 5005.
• A well-planned pressure management program will extend the life of the system increasing safety and reliability. The automatic control valve CSA XLC Model 310/410-ND-H, thanks to high sensitivity pilots, is designed to automatically per form the downstream pressure regulations in two values, both adjustable, where the lower values usually corresponds to night time low consumption requirements.
Standard and connections
• Certified and tested according to EN 1074.
• Flanges size from DN 50 to DN 400 mm, higher on request.
• Flanges standard EN 1092/2, different on request.
Working conditions
• Pressure range: 10-16 bar.
• Minimum working pressure: 0.7 bar acting on the pilot.
• Treated water maximum 70°C, higher temperature on request.