Air vented anti surge tank (patented)

The innovative antisurge tank A.V.A.S.T. has been designed to contain the devastating effects of water hammer, more precisely the transients coming from the sudden pump failure both for water and sewer systems. The device, fully automatic, proved to be an innovative and reliable solution thanks to the absence of air compressors, electricity, panels, bladders, precharges. A.V.A.S.T. is the ideal solution to avoid damages sometimes fatal for our systems as a consequence of uncontrolled overpressures and negative pressure waves. Simulations allow reproducing in details what would happens in critical events, evaluating different scenario to optimize investments and assess the proper countermeasures. This is why the technical support of CSA srl is supporting customers and designers with an advanced software for hydraulic and water hammer analysis, able to calculate the pressure wave evolutions along the pipeline and to size and simulate the best solution in order to protect the pressure systems within the limit of the projects and its legislative standards.